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Name Title E-mail Room Ext.

Staff Members
Derek Y.C. Chan Professor dyc G21 47887
Barry D. Hughes Associate Professor hughes G20 45557
Kerry A. Landman Associate Professor kal G25 46762
John Sader Associate Professor and Reader elie G19 44042
Steven L. Carnie Senior Lecturer carniesl G18 45213
Antoinette Tordesillas Senior Lecturer atordesi G17 49685

Research Fellows
Malek Khan Research fellow malek G22 46517
Mat Simpson Research fellow mat G22 46517

Research Associates


Postgraduate Students
Anna Cai Postgraduate student anna G27 49772
Chris Green Postgraduate student cgreen G28 49732
Jason Looker Postgraduate student jlooker G27 49772
Rogerio Manica Postgraduate student rogerio G27 49772
Jennifer Slater Postgraduate student slater G27 49772
Dimetre Triadis Postgraduate student dimetre G28 49732
Stuart Walsh Postgraduate student swalsh G28 49732

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